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Lessons from European Billionaire in Cyprus

Jan 29, 2022

I was recently fortunate enough to befriend a very successful person who has excelled particularly well in business and wealth creation. He took his first company public in the 1980s and eventually reached billionaire status. 

What is funny is that the exact same traits he exemplifies are the same that our successful students do when they are just starting out. 

Namely, a burning desire conviction that their goal will absolutely be achieved, it is just a matter of time. The internal shift has already taken place and it's just a matter of time until their outside world reflects the same. 

He taught me that the intensity that you can bring to this is the highest destemming factor to your long-term success. 

He also taught me that belief in yourself is important, but having something else who believes in you can take you to the next level, in his case it was his grandmother. 

In our case, many times it is the community of peers to hold each other accountable to impeccable standards. 

If you have found a problem that no one has fixed, that is your biggest opportunity to create wealth. Solve problems and get rewarded, business is not rocket science.

I have had the privilege to meet a couple of billionaires in my life and I can tell you they are not unicorns or aliens, they are just people who think of a grand scale and have the insane worth ethic and drive. 

These are the types of people we are fostering within our community equipped with the skills of business acquisitions. 

I believe with these two factors anyone can become unstoppable. 

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