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Scalability and Leadership, the 2 most important aspects of growth.

Mar 13, 2022


Finding a business that you can truly scale is the holy grail of business, for 99% of people this is the missing factor that is never truly figured out. 


It is the one thing that separates S&P500 companies and your everyday mom and pop store. 


When you break it down, business consists of various break points. Areas in of the business that need to be taken to the next level to allow any other aspect of the business to also scale beyond its current numbers. 


When you find or acquire a business that already has its model in place, meaning it is already at the point of doing $4-5M in revenues, then its on you as a leader. 


Your job success comes down to how you execute the process and your ability to find the right people to execute it with.




Once you have these 2 key pieces of the puzzle, typically your next job is to go and get gasoline to pour on the the fire ⛽️🔥 what that really translates to is capital injection. 


Capital helps you fend off competitors by bringing speed to the equation, the faster you go the harder it is to catch you. 


And believe me, if you find a truly great product-market fit and a scaleable model, you will have competitors hot on your heals. 


I covered these questions and more on our most recent insiders Q+A call for which you can check out the highlights above.