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The biggest market crash in our generation. How to prepare?

Jun 24, 2022

The biggest market crash in our generation. How to prepare?


I recently recorded a very specific training on how to prepare for the biggest crash in our generation and how you can prepare for it as an Acquisition Entrepreneur. 


00:00 - 06:25: Intro


07:05 - 9:10 How Did We End Up In This Mess?

We discussed quantitative easing, what it is and how it results in the devaluation of your money and more importantly purchasing power. 

Interest Rates, how cheap money creates bubbles. 

Policies, how the Govt creates and manages policies. Why do most people work in jobs they have to, not want to. 

9:10 - 11:20 What Elon Musk Says. 


11:20 - 12:06 What Legendary Investor of The Big Short Michael Burry Says. 

12:06 - 12:20 How Carl Icahn views the current situation. 

12:20 - 14:20 What happens during a recession and do you have a plan? 

75% of fortune 500 companies are preparing for a recession, what is going to happen next? And most importantly how can you prepare? 

What actually happens when a recession hits society? 


14:20 - 16:20 Why a recession can be a good thing for us. 

How do we look at the bright side of this situation and use it for our own prosperity for us and our family?


16:20 - 17:33 How bad is it going to get? 

Things to keep in mind as we continue through the crisis. 


17:33 - 22:28 Why is it a good time to be an Acquisition Entrepreneur and how to come out on the right side. 

We are in a very unique market state? So why is this actually a good thing if you want to enter the world of busing businesses? 


 22:28 - 23:35 Business Roll-Up Strategy

This is the time to make big bold moves, here we discuss why Roll-Ups could be a game-changer in this environment. 


23:35 - 31:26 Case Studies


31:26 - 34:00 How we can help you acquire your dream business.

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