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We Help You Find, Finance, Buy & Operate Established and Sustainable Businesses.

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Our Track Record

  • More than 120 deals closed

  • Deal size $500k-40million

  • 9 countries and over 25 industries

  • The biggest network of M&A entrepreneurs and investors


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Why Business Acquisitions?

Owning a business is one of the best ways to create lasting wealth and impact. But there’s a lot of uncertainty. 

Over 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years. That's why we strongly believe that buying a profitable and established business is the way forward. 

Many baby boomers are looking for someone trustworthy to take over their multimillion-dollar businesses so that they can retire. 

Financial institutions that specialize in acquisitions are looking to lend more than ever, sometimes up to 90% of the deal.

This is a no-brainer for a savvy entrepreneur to go out and apply the buy and build strategy and grow exponentially.

Our mission

Hi, I'm Moran Pober, and I'm the founder and CEO of  Our mission is to make business acquisitions more accessible so everyone who wants to buy a business can do so.

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How We Can Help You?

Proven Process

Comprehensive business training that will make you an M&A expert, regardless of your current experience.


An exclusive group of entrepreneurs, dealmakers, investors and professionals.


Ongoing help and support with your deals, business, and funding requirements, 24/7 on-demand.


We invest in smart entrepreneurs and amazing deals. Our Acquisitions Fund is looking for opportunities.

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All The Tools You Need To Buy A Successful Business

We are full-stack. Most are focused on one specific strategy or part of the business. To be a successful acquisitions entrepreneur you need to be well-versed in all areas, and we provide it.

  1. Mindset and discipline - how to stay focused on your vision
  2. Business fundamentals - gain confidence and growth
  3. Finding Deals - multiple off market deal generation methods
  4. Negotiations and structures - get the best deal possible
  5. Financing sources - where to find the money for your dream
  6. Grow & exit - build generational wealth with our strategy
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You are in a good company

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs who successfully used our services to buy businesses. 

Borislav Mijovic

Bought a trucking business making over $13million a year using OPM.


Miriam Estrada

Closed 3 deals in the construction sector in less than a year.


Odili Leonardo

Bought a business in the US while living in Ukraine.


Cliff Player

Merged two businesses giving him $400k a year net income.


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