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Our Founder's Story 

As an entrepreneur, I have funded and acquired several companies, including a UK-based professional services firm, top 100 apps in the app store, a US-based media, news and entertainment company with a focus on digital media that competed with the likes of Buzzfeed, and a Canadian-based digital solutions Talonx.

I also invested in multiple ventures under the holding group ABD Assets and WeiKix ventures.

A few years ago I decided to offload my assets and involvement and take a step back. This pretty much gave me the freedom to do whatever I want in my early 30s. I traveled a lot and enjoyed life, but there are only so many pina coladas you can drink and this quickly became futile.

Then I decided to start

And it's now my personal mission to make acquisitions more accessible to the masses and solve some of the biggest problems that we'll encounter in the coming years with the upcoming retiring population. also allows me to access great deals for personal investment opportunities 

Moran Pober

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