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How to Win the War of Business

Feb 14, 2022


At the end of the day I don't care what people tell you, business is a war and the sooner you can learn to look at it in that way, the sooner you will see massive success.


 Just like war in the real world, to win you need to win the smaller battles, each battle has its own unique battlefield that you need to learn and master, then when you start winning on all fronts you have a real shot at winning the war.


Battlefield #1: Product 

Arguably the most important battle to win is the battle of having the best product, very rarely does the side with the inferior product win in the long run.

Think about some of the most notable and successful entrepreneurs of our era, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, these guys were product obsessed.

Telsa has never spent a dime on marketing, why? because their product markets its self and it is simply better than anything else on the market. 

The lesson? You can be happy with just be a little bit better when it comes to product, your goal needs to be "How can I make a product 10x better?" this is the type of thinking that will blow your competitors out of the water. 

How do you actually put this into practice? Test relentlessly and get honest feedback. Be OK with failing and view it as nothing more as feedback so you can get closer to that 10x better product more quickly.

When me and my clients look to acquire businesses, product market fit is the number one thing we look for, because everything is built on top of that, and if you can buy a business that already has that figured out and established you are much, much closer to success. 

Battlefield #2: People 

Just like comrades on the battlefield, success or failure will come down to the team you have and how well each individual performs by themselves and in the group. 

Look for people who take massive ownership and can take their own initiative, a good rule of thumb, if they are create more work for you in the form on instructions and hand holding (after the training period) they are net takers from your operation and you need to find someone else. 


Battlefield #3: Competitors 

Without competitors there would be no battle. When it comes to out competing your competitors you need to take an unbiased and objective view. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

How can you counter those to turn the tides in your favour?

This is why the product battle is so important. 

The most important distinction to be made here is that this battlefield largely exists in the customers mind and their experience with you and/or your competitors. 

Jeff Bezos knows this and was so obsessed with this idea that he would hold Amazon meetings with an empty chair to represent a customer. 

Final Battlefield: The CEO

The CEO is like the General, the general is not a position for everyone so the first question you should be asking yourself is, do I want to be the CEO? Am I even capable of it?  

Are you OK pushing people to go beyond their perceived limits? Can you inspire them to want to go above and beyond themselves? 

Like in war, explanations are not solutions. It does very little good if people are coming to you explaining why things went wrong or they have a challenge.

The person who can come with the solution is the person you want and it is the CEO's job to bring that out of the current team or find people who can replace them if necessary. 

Like the spoils of war the spoils of business can be tremendous, over the last 3 years we have had over 100 clients who can achieved victory buy acquiring their own business. 


If this sounds like an endeavour you would like to try, I have put together a free training that you can check out HERE

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