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Must Know Employee Lessons in Acquisition Rollups!

Apr 11, 2022




When you embark on your journey in Acquisitions and Roll-Ups, it is important to remember that you will not be going it alone. 


Your day-to-day will be working with many other people, and your ultimate success will depend more on how you interact with your team and how you can get them to work together for effective action. 


So, in understanding this fact, we need to ask the question:

"How can we surround ourselves with the right people and synergistically work together for mutual success?" 


#1. Remove The Unnecessary

The first phase in building a great team is reducing and eliminating any and all unnecessary inputs, as a business owner you have a million things competing for your time and attention, you need to make it a priority to filter the unnecessary.



Clarity is so important, and anything that reduces or distracts must be removed immediately. This could be people, systems, or processes. 


A simple exercise can be to ask yourself, "What is the one thing I can do right now that will make everything else easier or irrelevant?" 


This will direct your focus to the essential tasks, maintain clarity and remove the unneeded distractions. 


#2. Define And Focus on Your KPIs

Key performance indicators are the metrics for how you measure success in your business. 

They are essential for a pulse check on your overall business (orders, sales, income, cash etc.), but they are required for each process, system, and employee. 


Peter Drucker said, "What gets measured gets improved," so KPIs are essential for keeping yourself and your team accountable. 


#3. Employment Maturity Models


The key to building a great team around you is not only finding the right people but also keeping them with you for the long run. 


When you take over a business, you are all of a sudden responsible for and dependent upon the existing team. 


That means you need to do everything in your power to keep the key people motivated, committed, and happy to stay with you as you continue to grow and expand. 


People are happy when they can see a bright future in what they are doing, so it is your job to set clear and specific paths for each team member to grow personally and professionally. 


Make it a focal point to clearly communicate where and how people within your company can take on more responsibility within their jobs. 


This will create a roadmap for your most committed and ambitious team members to rise to the top. 


In conclusion, one of the most important lessons in getting what you want in life and business is to help and many people as possible around you get what they want, use this as your guiding principle when dealing with your team and employees and you will succeed.