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The #1 Trick to Succeed in Acquisitions

Feb 18, 2022


Ok so there isn't really a "Trick" but this is certainly as close as it gets, because simply flipping this switch in your mind will change everything because we are talking about the way you see the world. 

Have you ever been in the process of looking to buy a new car? 

You research all the models and read all the reviews and look at the listings online.

Then, next time you walk down the street you see that model car drive by.

Then on the way home you see another.

All of a sudden you see them everywhere.

Did everyone suddenly go out a buy this model of car?

No, of course not. It just that before you were looking without seeing, but now you are seeing them because you are specifically looking. 

If you look at the world through a negative lens guess what you will see? 

Only negative things. 

You need to force yourself to look for the positive things, and when you see something you perceive as negative, ask yourself 


The hardest but most effective thing we can ever do in life is to start acting not like the person we are, but the person we want to be.

That is how you begin the process of growth and how you ultimately fulfil your potential. 

The person you want to be 5-10 years from now, what would that person do this year? this month? this week? in the next 5 minutes? 

How does that person look at life and look at the life challenges you are facing now? 

Does it break them down or make them stronger? 

When you force yourself to become that person every single day, and you can remain consistent, your world will change. 

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