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The Most Underrated skill in Life and Business: Concentration

Feb 28, 2022

Have you ever looked at the sunlight under a magnifying glass? 🔎 ☀️

You will notice that as you move the lens to and from the ground, the light either becomes large and diluted or a tiny but very hot dot capable of starting a fire. 🔥

That is the perfect analogy to apply to building wealth, buying businesses, or any other aspect of life that you wish to master.

If you concentrate on too many things, you simply won't have enough energy to become super hot.

I see some people who decide to change their sector on a dime, looking for something quicker, more manageable, or the next shiny object.

Or sometimes they bounce between sectors looking at multiple businesses concurrently and never truly committing to one.

They fail to realize that even to have a chance at mastering any sector will likely take a matter of years with intense focus.

Your goal should be to make that small dot burn as hot as possible and to do that. You need to block out the noise.

Remove anything from your life that does not serve you in getting to your goal.

Racehorses wear blinders so that they can literally see nothing except the track in front of them when they run, and there is a reason for this.

What do you use to focus and block out the noise in your life and business?

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