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What a Perfect Acquisitions Roll-Up Looks Like.

Apr 16, 2022



Today I'm going to share a presentation we created on how to execute the perfect roll-up.


This presentation was presented to a potential partner of ours who bought us a number of potential deals as an Acquisition Scout.


What is an Acquisition Scout I hear you asking?


As we continue to build out the ecosystem we are shifting our focus to 3 main cogs in the machine that will all work off and help drive each other to great a community and ecosystem like no other.


Focus #1. Passive Investors 

Anyone looking for an attractive return on their capital while holding real-world hard assets by investing in the deals and rolls ups we vet and then brings to the table

Focus #2. Acquisition Scouts

This is for anyone looking to get started on their Acquisition journey and learn the process by finding great deals and then getting a paid via commission when we close a transaction. 


Focus #3. CEOs


Skilled business people who want to own, operate, and grow their own small business and do so with all the tools and support from within our network. 


So with that being said, let's dive into the Roll-Up presentation. 


Rollup strategy basics 


What ingredients make for a good roll-up?


How can deals be sourced?


Sample Rollup Model


Fee Structure and Criteria