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You Must Have These Skills To Be A Billionaire!

Jun 01, 2022

What separates those who reach billionaire status from the rest of the pack? 

Self-Made Billionaires are the pinnacle of business success, they are looked up to and admired by the rest of society and bring with them a mythical aura when it comes to their business decisions and skills. 

Through my journey in Acquisitions, I have been fortunate enough to work closely with a billionaire who took multiple companies public.

If we are to look closely at what truly separates billionaires from the millions of other entrepreneurs and business people we find:


Certainty and Leadership: Billionaires have crystal clear certainty in themselves, age and experience are not what determine the way they look at business and the way they see themselves. They carry supreme confidence that they will be able to "figure it out" no matter what goes wrong or what challenges they may face.

They Understand Business Is NOT a Democracy: Billionaires know that it is up to them to make the tough decisions and that they will ultimately be held accountable by their customers, employees, and shareholders. While they may take into consideration other's points of view, they know that ultimate success or failure lies in their decisions alone.

They Think BIG: Billionaires didn't get to where they are at by not taking on massive goals and challenges. When you find something that makes you truly excited you will find you are able to tap into a source of energy that only becomes available when you take on those big scary goals with full commitment.