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Jun 14, 2022



Today I would like to detail the vision for 

My goal is the receive as much feedback from you, the community, so we can build a program that is 10x more valuable and effective than anything else out there. 

Eventually, we plan to pivot to a 3-month live cohort format where at the end of a 90 intensive program, you will have the knowledge, tools, and resources to pitch our network of M&A investors to potentially receive funding and partner with us. 

Because you will be pitching to my network of investors you will be getting a warm introduction to a number of sophisticated and experienced investors who already know, like and trust the brand, giving you a massive advantage over people left to "cold-pitch" investors they do not know.  

Not only will we put you in front of these investors on our live pitch day but we will give you the equivalent of a C-suite for all the support and hand-holding throughout the process. 

Wondering what the process looks like? See the outline below. 

How we will help you buy a business

3 Month Live Cohort 

  • Sector Selection
  • Deal Flow - Broker or Direct (Off-Market) 
  • Deal Analysis - How to determine a good vs bad deal (Cashflow cover debt service?)
  • Deal Team - Lawyers, Accountants, Ops. 
  • Due Diligence on Business / Operations Mgmt Strategy - Sales, Marketing, Ops, Support etc.
  • Bank Introductions
  • Closing Diligence Process - Legal, Financial, Industry Professionals. 
  • Investors Pitch Day - Get Funded! 
  • Introductions 2% - 25% 

Our goal is to support you through the entire process and because we have skin in the game we will be using all resources, tools, and connections to grow your business and even potentially take a number of companies in a cohort public.  

The true value building and wealth creation come from the arbitrage of combining multiple small companies into a larger conglomerate to demand a 5-8x from the public market as opposed to a 2-3x multiple for a typical individual small business.