We Help You Acquire Profitable And Established Businesses 

All The Tools You Need 

  • Investment thesis & mindset
  • Choose your best sector
  • Gain the necessary knowledge
  • Find your perfect deal
  • Access to capital
  • Negotiate and structure deals
  • Connect with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Get contracts and templates
  • 24/7 support and weekly calls
  • + much more
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What is it?

A comprehensive program, with support, community and weekly Q&A calls. It teaches you how to buy profitable businesses.

Who is it for? 

For anyone who wants to skip the start-up phase or grow his existing business by acquisitions. 

Where does it happen?

Online and consists of training videos, tools, live calls, and a community. You complete it online, on your own time.

How does it work?

You complete a step-by-step video course to gain the necessary knowledge and confidence. Ask questions in the community, join Q&A calls, and get results. 

Is it for US only? 

As long as you live in a capitalistic country with stable financial system and low corruption, you can do it. Our program is universal and works in most countries.

Why we created it?

Most business books and education show you how to create a business from scratch. We think that buying existing businesses is a much better way to build wealth and freedom.

Here's how it works

To achieve a real and sustainable success in business and life, content is not enough. You need to be immersed in an environment that will push you out of your comfort zone and support you with your goals. We believe in not just over-delivering. We believe in giving Entrepreneurs what they actually need. 

  1. Reprogram your brain for success. Mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle in this game. 
  2. Get access to all the materials, over 30 hours of videos, templates, interviews, live calls, agreements, rolodex and more... Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work.
  3. Join the community of fellow entrepreneurs and investors. Create a support group in your area and grow together. 
  4. Take full advantage of our support system and weekly Q&A calls. Working with us is designed to help you buy at least 1 business within the next 12 months. 
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Proven Process And Results

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs who worked with us to transform their personal and business lives.  

Borislav Mijovic

Bought a trucking business making over $13million a year using OPM.


Miriam Estrada

Closed 3 deals in the construction sector in less than a year.


Odili Leonardo

Bought a business in the US while living in Ukraine.


Cliff Player

Merged two businesses giving him $400k a year net income.


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What Are The Steps?

Entrepreneurship isn’t about secrets and tricks. 

Success in business is about having the right strategy and perspective and diligent work towards fulfilling it. 

This is we developed this process to show you how you can go and acquire established businesses, achieve your financial goals and grow exponentially. 

We believe you’re ready to grow... and not by just 2x.

We assume that you have a lot of the right pieces... and are not faking that.

We assume that you’re ready to lift up every aspect of your business... and life.

In order to help Entrepreneurs in this way, we've taken everything you need and built a structure around it, so that you don’t have to go buy 5 programs and 9 books with 13 companies to ensure it “clicks” :)

This is the full package. You get everything you need to make this happen.


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